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APSC Newsletter Rates and Ads

APSC Rate Sheet for Quarterly E-Newsletter & Online Advertisements

The Addiction Professionals of South Carolina offers advertising space on the official website and publishes a quarterly electronic newsletter. The quarterly newsletter is distributed to over 3,900 counselors in South Carolina. APSC also generates e-announcements that are sent to 5,890 counselors. During 2020, e-newsletters received a 26.5% open rate, and 11.7% click rate; e-announcements received 21.3% open rate, and a 5.3% click rate. (Open rate on both of e-newsletter and e-announcements exceed the marketing and public relations industry standard of 13.5%.)

Website Advertisement Duration

  • 1 Month: $100
  • 3 Months: $250
  • 6 Months: $500
  • 8 Month: $700
  • 10 Months: $800
  • 12 Months: $950

Electronic Newsletter

  • 1 Issue: Quarter page: $100 | Half page: $200
  • 2 Issues: Quarter page: $200 | Half page: $400
  • 3 Issues: Quarter page: $300 | Half page: $600
  • 4 Issues: Quarter page: $385 | Half page: $750

Advertising Form

Fields marked with an * are required. Below you can fill out the form online and apply for advertisement. Or if you prefer you can download a physical form and mail it to the APSC office at 1215 Anthony Avenue, Columbia SC 29201.

Acceptable Advertising Formats

  • JPG, GIF, PSD (Photoshop) or EPS formats—Graphics files should be 72 or 96 dpi resolution for web publishing
  • Please note that files for print advertising may be sent on a Windows-compatible CD ROM or emailed to