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Recertifications, Extensions, & Upgrades

Renewal of certification shall be required every two years. The following procedure governs the recertification process:


As a courtesy, applicants will be emailed a reminder that their recertification is due approximately 60 days prior to their date of recertification. It is always the responsibility of the applicant to maintain certification, which includes personal and professional address changes and/or name changes.

Applicants are encouraged to submit the recertification application with recertification fee to the APSC Certification Commission 30 days prior to expiration date of certification to avoid lapse in certification. Applicants must pay a late fee if their applications are not received at least 30 days after expiration of their certification. (See Appendix II for the Late Application Fee that must accompany a late application.) If the applicant allows their certification to expire, the applicant will be required to submit an updated certification application with appropriate fees.


Extensions may be granted only prior to the date of certification lapsing. Extensions are only granted one time and are only granted for a period of six months. The APSC Certification Commission handles extensions on a case-by-case basis. Counselor must identify the reason for making the extension request. (See Appendix II for fee schedule.)


Recertification Application and Training Verification include a list of trainings related to the Domains and confirm 40 hours of continuing education or training during the current two-year term of certification. The primary focus of trainings should be on the Domains. If applicant is selected for audit, the applicant will be required to submit verification of all continuing education/training confirmed on Recertification and Training Verification Application. This verification must be training certificates or official transcripts of undergraduate, graduate or professional studies forwarded by the issuing institution to the APSC Certification Commission. Training certificates must contain the trainer’s and trainee’s name, training name and the number of clock hours for the training event.

Recertification Requirements:

  • A minimum of 20 hours as an attendee.

  • Six of professional ethics.

  • A maximum of 20 hours of the 40 hours required for recertification may be earned through events where the applicant is the trainer.

  • A maximum of 50% of the hours required for recertification may be earned through home study and/or online education.

Upgrading from ADC to AADC

Applicants upgrading from ADC to AADC must:

  • Provide documentation of four (4) years full time or 8,000 hours of experience in the Alcohol and Drug Domains within the previous five years.

  • Submit official transcript showing completion of a master’s degree in a human services field.

  • Document 75 hours of clinical supervision that has occurred within the last two years.Document 75 hours of clinical supervision that has occurred within the last two years.

  • Submit an Evaluator’s Statement that has been completed by an AADC or supervisor.

  • Passing score on the AADC Written Exam.

  • Submit a signed affirmation of adherence to the SCAADAC Code of Ethics.

  • Make payment of upgrade fee.

Incomplete packets will not be accepted.