Frequently Asked Questions

A) APSC has switched to credentialing through IC&RC. ADC/AADC/CS are the updated names and credentials for that switch.

A) The switch will happen automatically. At some point you will receive notice of this change by both the APSC board and IC&RC.

A) We’ve moved over to an all online system called Certemy. If you’re already certified or are in-process for certification, then you can access the database at If you haven’t started yet, then you can go here and begin the process.

A) Check all your emails. Information about logging in was provided on 1/6/2020. If you are unable to find any correspondence from APSC, then email 

A) After June 1, 2021, APSC no longer accepts NAADAC exam scores. Applicants must take and pass the IC&RC exam.

A) If you began the certification process before 1/1/2020, then you only need 150 clinical supervision hours. If you began the process on or after 1/1/2020, then you require 200 clinical supervision hours.

A) CACIIs/AADCs are able to sign off on clinical supervision hours until 6/1/2021. At that point you will need to either be a clinical supervisor or a clinical supervisor in-process.

A) Once you’ve earned your AADC with four years of addictions work experience, you can begin the CS-IP (Clinical Supervisor in-process). This requires at least 2 years, and the application period is 3 years.